2017 Scholarship Recipients

North West Region
PCVs: Thu Nguyen

2017 - Bambalang - North West, scholarship recipients

Photos courtesy of Roland Nkwagoh Nchonda.

Below are the text from letters sent from the scholarship recipients of Bambalang, North West, collected by Thu Nguyen and community partner Roland Nkwagoh Nchonda.

Letter and picture of Gisette Nkwkanui

Images courtesy of Roland Nchonda.

Gisette Nkwkanui

Dear Sir, madams,

With due respect and honour I wish to say thank you for everything you have done to me this academic year. I really want to say thank you so much, God will bless you for me. I promise I will never disappoint you. I will work hard to make sure that I pass my exam to make you happy and my self. May God bless you all.

Yours Faithfully


Letter and picture of Fonso Lyzette Mingoh

Images courtesy of Roland Nchonda.

Fonso Lyzette Mingoh

Dear madam/Sir,

With the heart of happiness, I have the greatest respect to say thank to the head of our Peace Corps Volunteers. I promise you that I shall also helps girls in me community so as to make my country develop more. To that I promise you that in the name of God that you continue your way of action. I wish you the best.


Yours faithfully

Letter and picture of Linda Ngwatang Mbanjono

Images courtesy of Roland Nchonda.

Linda Ngwatang Mbanjono

Madam, Sir,

With great honour madam/sir, I am very excited to write you this letter. I am so happy for your kind gesture or love that you have given me. I really appreciate it for my fees has been paid and other school needs.

Madam/Sir, I once more thank you for the gift you have given me and that may God bless you so much and that may you continue with your kindness. I am so much happy and I lack words to express my happiness for you.


Yours faithfully


Letter and picture of Mbahfuh Yuscaline

Images courtesy of Roland Nchonda.

Mbahfuh Yuscaline

Dear Parents,

Brothers and Sisters, I greet you all.

It is my pleasure to picked up my pen and express to you these my few words of happiness. My heart is indeed full of joy and gladness for what you people have done to me. That is assisting me to see that I achieve my goal.

Moreso this great things that you people have done is not just to make a change in my life but also in the lift of my family, my future family, my village, and my community and as a whole because if I finally by grace achieve this goal, I will not only bring a change but in my family but in my community.

In addition in that you have done to me has started making a change in my life and I believe it is going to change my life completely.

To conclude once more, I say may God richly bless you people for your good work.

Thanks for your concern

Yours affectionately

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