2010 Scholarship Recipients

In 2010, A2Empowerment provided scholarships to 47 students, some of whom were second year recipients. The following are descriptions of a few of the scholarship recipients, as communicated by PCV Claire Hutchison.


"Nafi is an orphan who has lost nearly every member of her immediate family, including aunts and uncles. She's living with an older cousin right now who supports Nafi and the rest of her own family by waitressing at a small, local yogurt bar. Every time I see her cousin, she thanks me for everything we've done for Nafi. Nafi had stopped going to public school 3 years ago and she tells me that if it weren't for the A2Empowerment sponsorship, Nafi would be obligated to work in the restaurant with her. Thanks to YOUR support, Nafi is able to attend school at the alternative school for girls and learn practical life skills like sewing, knitting, French and cooking.

"Ndowen is a young mother that is in her first year at the Teacher's college. She rents a small room in Meiganga where she lives with her daughter, her sister and her husband. Ndowen and her sister have been financially independent for year, so every year the sisters share the burden of selling small food items to pay the rent and feed their household. Both Ndowen and her younger sister, Genevieve, received the scholarship this year and they say that it's permitted them to get better grades in school because they can spend more time doing homework and working. During the first semester of this year, Ndowen placed 3rd in her class of 100 students!

"Africa is an exceptionally bright student at the technical high school in Meiganga. She is studying electricity... one of only 7 girls in her class of 120 students. This last semester she placed 14th in her class and plans to be in the top ten for 2nd semester. When asked why she choose to study Electricity, she replies that its because everyone always says it's a man's job and she wants to prove them all wrong.... She lost her father two years ago to a serious case of cerebral malaria and she's currently living with her mother and her 1 yr old daughter.

"Pauline is one of the rare tom-boys in Meiganga and an extremely talented soccer player. After having her baby a year and a half ago, she didn't have enough money to pay for both a nanny and school fees last school year, so she had to quit going to school and stay home with the baby. If it weren't for the scholarship, she was planning on taking another year off this year, knowing she had no way to pay her school fees. She's a tiny little lady, but has a personality that can fill up a room. She especially excels doing improv role-plays and is constantly making people laugh.

"Clementine is an 18 year old, living with her parents and 13 other kids in her household. Her father fell ill 6 years ago and became paralyzed and hasn't been able to work since. Her mom does her best to support the family selling food from the family's farm. Clementine is a beautiful, young women with excellent morals and a high ethic standard for herself and others. She radiates positivity and self confidence and she has big ambitions for her life. She plans to go to University after high school, study law and start helping out in the battle for women's rights in Cameroon. She loves reading, dancing and writing poetry."

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