2012 Scholarship Recipients

In 2012, A2Empowerment awarded scholarships to 60 women, in 6 regions of Cameroon: West, Littoral, Adamaoua, North, North West, and Extreme North. The following letters were written by scholarship recipients or communicated by their Peace Corps Volunteer mentor.

North West Region
PCV: Amy Boyd

2012 North West recipients

2012 North West recipients

2012 North West recipients

2012 North West recipients

PCV: Tess Marstaller

The statements below were written by the scholarship recipients and translated by Tess Marstaller.

2012 Littoral recipients

Kevine Iongi Kammogne (left): "Thanks to A2Empowerment for the help they have given to the girls of Cameroon and for helping them to get to go to class. We say to you, Thank You!"

Dolgeline (middle): "I'm all set for this year 2012/13 because I passed my exam thanks to the encouragement of A2Empowerment. Thank you, America, Thank you Tess Alicia."

Christelle Kolacke Ngole (right): "I am thankful for generous and giving friends like A2Empowerment for the academic support that they are giving me this 2012/2013 school year. Thank you, USA!"

West Region
PCV: Charmayne Cooley

2012 West recipients

2012 West recipients, with Charmayne Cooley

North Region
PCV: Sterling Thomason

The statements below were written by the scholarship recipients and translated by Ms. Thomason.

2012 North recipients

Anna: "Dear Donors,

"I have the honor to come before your high personality, and through this note present to you my warmest gratitude for your financial aid toward students in our school, specifically myself.

"Indeed through your support, I hope to pass my exam this year with the joy that brings me to life, to not disappoint you. May God bless you from now on and always."

2012 North recipients

Fadimatou: "Very dear donors,

"It is a great pleasure that I am taking this opportunity to give you my sincerest [thanks to] you for this financial assistance with which you are helping me pursue my studies. My wishes and my future rest with you, for you are like a mother for me.

"Please accept the expression of my sincerest gratitude."

2012 North recipients

Rahimatou: "Dear donors,

"Last year I received a scholarship of 30 000 FCFA from you. I am proud of your help, you have truly helped me with my school fees this year. This scholarship gave me the courage to work well for the future an encouraged parents, also, to send their girls to school since you help them to pay for their school fees, uniforms and certain books for their girls. I thank you infinitely."

2012 North recipients

Angele: "Dear Donors,

"My name is Angele Beigoll, a student in the class of 2nde at the Lycée de Garoua Nassarao. I am very happy to have met you through the intermediaries of two Peace Corps volunteers. I thank you enormously for having supported my family and me. Thanks to your scholarships, I was able to come from behind; thanks to you I was able to continue my studies; otherwise I would possibly be at home instead. I am very grateful to you. I admire you very much for what you do. Thank you and may God bless you."

2012 North recipients

Mailaisso: "Very dear donor,

"It's with great pleasure that I am writing to thank you; my words come from the bottom of my heart. It's like people say, God never lets birds fall out of the sky to die. I am one of these birds, for I'd never had much support in my life. However, I had the tendency to ask myself questions about the continuation of my studies, the accomplishment of my dreams. It's thus that you have been offering me a hand since I was in the class of 3ème. Today thanks to you and the grace of God I find myself now in 1ère. Who can believe that, nobody.

"I say 'thank you' from the bottom of my heart, for you have change my life; it's not like for those of my female generation who are already ready for marriage, in their quarters with nothing to do. I will work day and night to have a better result at the end of this year and to continue to serve as a role model for my younger brothers and sisters that have chosen school as their most important education. May God grant you longevity, prosperity, health and finally may you continue your charitable work and may Jesus bless you."

Adamaoua Region
PCV: Danielle Nicoli

2012 Adamaoua recipients

2012 Adamaoua recipients

The statements below were written by the scholarship recipients and translated by Ms. Emily Strauss.

Abiba Issa (left): "I am Abiba Issa. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do for orphans. You are nice, you are more than a mother for me, and for that God will recompense you. I love you!"

Nene Christine (middle): "I am Nene Ousai Christine, and I'm a student at the Technical High School of Meiganga.... I thank you for your support from the scholarships. And this permits me to do well in my studies, and also socially.... I thank you infinitely, I count more and always on you, you are very recognized in Cameroon."

Diza Djoumai (right): "I am very happy with you for this scholarship that you've given to me, it has helped me very much. I hope that God blesses you and gives you even more money. I thank you very much, and hope that God is with you. Next year I would like to go to school, and after that if I get my BEPC (first national exam), I would like to work and be a secretary in an office. Pray for me that God gives me good health and the will to work. I hope that God helps you in your activities and blesses you. I thank you very much."

2012 Adamaoua recipients

Clementine (left): "This is Clementine. (I just want to) hear your news and tell you how happy I am. You are angels blessed by God. I no longer have a father, and God has sent you to be my parents. Thanks to your support, I've continued my studies from 2nd to 1ère, and if God sends you here [to Cameroon] you will be messengers of God. I respect you very much, you have great heart and even more, you send us very nice [Peace Corps Volunteers]. Thank you for continuing along this path, and I hope God helps you, I am proud of you and I adore you. I hope that God gives you strength and blesses you."

Clarisse (right): "It's Clarisse. I thank you very much for this scholarship, it has really helped me. [I hope that] God blesses you and gives you even more and that he protects you. And I'd like to be your child and live with you, your scholarship has helped me to go to school, and I'd like to have another to finish my studies and take my exam at the end of the year. I thank you very much for your gesture and I hope that God is with you."

Extreme North Region
PCV: Claire Kelly

2012 Extreme North recipients

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