2014 Scholarship Recipients

In 2014, A2Empowerment awarded scholarships to 217 women, in 7 regions of Cameroon: Adamaoua, East, Extreme North, North, North West, South West, and West. The following letters were written by scholarship recipients or communicated by their Peace Corps Volunteer mentor.

Adamaoua Region
PCV: Aly Azhar

Aly Azhar, a PCV Youth Development Coordinator in Mbe, forwarded to us the following letters from scholarship recipient. The letters were translated by Martine Tchitchihe, a Cameroonian woman who is currently in the United States, seeking asylum.

2014 - Adamaoua A'Abou Marceline.jpg

Dear A2Empoverment,

I am writing to say thank you for the scholarship. Now I am more dynamic and encourage to study more in school. It help my family to not worry about my case anymore, now I get a place in the society as a respectful girl who go to school.

Thank you very much.

2014 - Adamaoua - Abbe Leonce Ceverine.jpg

Dear A2Empoverment,

I have the privilege to write to say thank you for the scholarship and for keeping helping us. I am really thankful to you about this. The scholarship not only help me to still be in school, but also, help my family to not be worry about me getting back to school. I am not worry to be send to a wedding anymore because that would be the case if I didn't get this scholarship. Now I can dream big and help back someday.

Thank you.

2014 - Adamaoua - Dawaye Keum Bang Marie Jeanne.jpg

Dear A2Empowerment,

I am writing to say thank you so much for the scholarship that I got from since my 3 grade. This help me to go back to school to keep studying and not be get and early pregnancy, HIV/AID and how to inspired other girls.

Thank you so much.

2014 - Adamaoua - Dia Djikom Rosine.jpg

Dear friend,

I am expressing through this mail my gratitude toward you for the scholarship that I got. This help me to get back to school and my family to not worry about me. Thanks to our PCV we have learn a lot about how to avoid HIV/AID, early pregnancy Thanks to you I could keep going to school and maybe become a role model later in my life.

Thank you A2Empowerment.

2014 - Adamaoua - Suzanne Flore Abake.jpg

Dear A2Empowerment,

Thank you for the scholarship. I am writing to express my gratitude toward you and the program which give me the possibility to get back to school. I am in 3rd grade in Mbe and my whole family was very happy to hear that I got this scholarship. They are proud of me now. I have learned a lot about HIV/AID and early pregnancy.

Thank you.

West Region
PCV: Antonia Lloyd-Davies and Rebecca Braun

2014 - antonia lloyd davies.jpg

The four letters were scanned by Antonia Lloyd Davies, PCV educator volunteer stationed in the West Region.

Martine Tchitchihe provided the following translations:

Moumie Orelie writes,

To Antonia/ A2Empowerment

I am writing you this mail to said thank you for the scholarship. This mean a lot to me and hopefully someday I could be a change maker in my village. In our group of volunteer, I understand that helping other is something good. Seriously thank you so much for the help. Happy New Year!

Kameni Yodjeu writes,

My name is Kameni and I am in 8 grade german in Bafang. I am delight to write this mail to express my joy and to be thankful tort you for the scholarship. Thank you for the book and for my tuition. I am helping back now by volunteering back in my village. Happy New Year!!

Magni Ngangue writes,

Thank you for giving us the courage to keep going to school by offering us this scholarship. As many kids I am just a child who needed to go to school and keep dreaming to make them come true someday. I really like the fact that you are helping Africans and Cameroonian. I also help back in my village the little kids around me. I wish you a happy new year.

Ariane writes,

My name is Ariane and I am in 11 grade in Bafang high school. I am writing to say thank you for the scholarship and the possibility given to me to get back to school. I am thankful to your amazing NGO and to all the donor. May God bless you and keep you helping us. I just started to help back in my community and it is good. Happy new year and thank you again!

2014 west - Delphine

Celine, Blondelle, and Vanessa are working. Delphine stands in the background; she is a Cameroonian educator. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Braun (PCV education volunteer stationed in Mbe.

Thank you letter

Thank you letters from Aicha Fonkou (L) and Guilaine Nouwo (R), courtesy of Rebecca Braun.

These letters were translated by Martine Tchitchihe.

Fonkou Aicha writes,

Dear A2Empowerment,

I'm writing to say thank you for the scholarship. Thanks to you I am happy to go back to school. I got all that I need: books, pencils, and so on. Now I can study and stay focused to realize all my hopes for the future. Thank you so much.


Nouwobe Guilaine writes,

Dear A2Empowerment,

I am so happy and say a huge thank you for the scholarship. Thanks for contributing to our success. My tuition was paid without any delay, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. I hope to meet you someday. Thank you.


Thank you letter

Thank you letters from Arianne Fungnie (L) and Lilicia Magang (R), courtesy of Rebecca Braun.

Ariane writes,

I am saying hello to all the A2Empowerment crew. Thank you for your generosity and for paying my school fee. I am saying thanks to Peace Corps here too. Much love.

Mangang Lilicia writes,

Dear A2Empowerment,

Greetings from Cameroon. I feel so honored to get the scholarship from you that I promise to work harder at school. I am saying thanks to Madame Rebecca for the amazing job she is doing here with us.


Thank you letter

Thank you letters from Aimee (L) and Manuella (R) Kengne, courtesy of Rebecca Braun.

Kengne Aimee writes,

Hello, A2Empowerment,

I am writing to say thank you for your help and for paying my tuition. I am very thankful for this. May God bless you and you keep helping because it changes many lives here. I am praying a lot for you.


Thank you letter

Thank you letter from Michelle Kougom, courtesy of Rebecca Braun.

Kougom Michelle writes,

I am writing to the whole team of A2Empowerment to express how much I am thankful to you. Thank you for the scholarship. Keep doing this because it helps us and gives us another chance. May God bless all of you.

Thank you letter

Thank you letters from Alida Magatsing (L) and Elisabeth Mawoue (R), courtesy of Rebecca Braun.

Alida Magatsing writes,

Dear A2Empowerment,

Thanks for this life changing scholarship. Thank you so much, and I am writing to say how much I appreciate this. May God bless you. Thank you.

Mawoue Elizabeth writes,

I am so thankful to get this scholarship that I am speechless. I had my tuition pay, my book and other necessity for school. Keep doing this and may God bless you.


Thank you letter

Thank you letter from Raiss Sandjong, courtesy of Rebecca Braun.

Sandson Raissa writes,

Dear A2Empowerment,

I am writing to say thank you for this amazing scholarship program. I feel blessed to get it. May God help you to keep doing this good job. You are changing many lives here. I will commit to work harder at school since I got everything needed: my tuition, my books, and pen. Thank you.

Thank you letter

Thank you letter from Vanelle Takou, courtesy of Rebecca Braun.

Kengne Takou Vanelle writes,

Dear A2Empowerment,

A huge thanks for the scholarship. Have a happy new year 2015, and I wish that God give you a lot of strength to keep doing all this good. Thanks to you I get new books, pen and I have my tuition pay. May God bless you.

North West Region
PCV: Kristen Walker





Extreme North Region
Local Cameroonian Counterpart: Alim Ousmanou

2014 - jeanRichardTarcice.jpg

Jean Richard Tarcice is a principal at a high school in Bibemi. He writes,

Just after the contact meeting held in my office, diplomas were handed to recipients so you have from the second girl on the left ALICE (a student who was close to mayela), ANNORA AWIKOUA( 4eme ESCOM, Technical high school), MA'AY Mirabelle ( same class and school), HAPSATOU Yaouba( same ), DANA GOUYOUK AND KIYAL Leonce( 5th form lycée classique). As you've being told , the two others are still to join the crew in celebrating with their parents behind their scholarships.

Alim Ousmanou wrote a newsletter, describing the implementation of the A2Empowerment scholarship program from the perspective of a local, Cameroonian partner. Man Ching Cheung translated this newsletter with the help of Google Translate.

Extreme North Students
Photos provided by Alim Ousmanou.

For the school year 2014 - 2015, the tuitions for 23 school girls are ensured thanks to the interventions of the two Anne's (A2Empowerment). This time the screening and selection has been tough. For the Miskine high school, 12 of 23 girls will attend Nassarao High School in the northern region, 06 high school girls in the Grandma High School and 03 girls Tokombéré high school in the Far North region and are most fortunate. Given the need (several girls in the far north and in the North are in situations of precariousness and vulnerability) and given the number selected last year, one that merely thankful and 2 ANNE they will come out of this situation. The girls' parents, teachers and coaches welcome this program and wish them long life and be on the side of vulnerable girls.

Mr Alim, President of the Association AEF Cameroon and Cameroonian representative of A2Empowerment, visited with the 12 girls of the High School to Nassarao Garaoua . During a training session with the grant holders held in the staff room; he congratulated the girls on behalf of 2 ANNE and remind the girls of the use of the grants and expectations of them by the end of the school year 2014-2015. The most important part was to have them commit to support other girls in either primary or secondary, encouraging them to continue their school despite the difficulties and be ready to help them study the subjects.

Extreme North Students
After an intense activity session between the presenting A2Empowement and girls, the certificates were delivered to the girls. You could see the satisfaction and gratitude in the face of these girls. The headmaster of the High School and the vice-principal of Nassarao have each encouraged girls to be worthy of the trust that has been granted. Thus, the two wanted to reassure ANNE 2 that they will ensure through the good management and proper use of scholarships granted to girls of high school Nassarao. Also, they will do everything possible to facilitate the educational environment of these beneficiaries.

Extreme North Students
The girls present at the ceremony thanked ANNE 2 and promise to do everything to succeed in their exams and do their best to go to higher class. All also agreed to sponsor a girl and review of these lessons. After the group photo was the the farewell session.

Extreme North Students
Aissatou Midiyawa, 2nd A4 ALL, beneficiary of A2Empowerment, for the 2013-2014 school year at Nassarao high school.

[Aissatou Midiyawa writes,] I'm just happy if I could kiss ANNE ... today through A2Empowerment NGOs, I had my BEPC and I'm second. My parents are very poor and really could not pay my school. This is my second award with this great NGOs. May God bless ANNE 2 and help them continue their work in Cameroon. I will never forget ... because without this scholarship , it is on that I will not return to school this year.

The beneficiaries of Communities and School A2Empowerment

Extreme North Students
Beyond Tokombéré high school, several other schools and communities have benefited in the past and still today continue to enjoy the support of A2Empowerment.

Have include among others the high school Miskines, High School Nassarao (2013/2014), High School Meme (2013/2014) , Tokombéré High School ( 2013/2014 ) . Despite the situation of insecurity which makes it even more vulnerable regions of North Cameroon, A2Empowement to find the strength to sustain a whole more than 90 girls in the region over the last 2 years.

The Ambition of Dékébé Natasha

Extreme North Students

Dékébé Natasha, is a beneficiary of A2Empowerment 2013/2014. From a poor family in a village Tokombéré, she has the opportunity because of the scholarship that both Anne's offered. she succeeded to his probation with a good average and today it is found in Terminal A4 All class.

Natacha, aims this year to succeed with her degree . She thinks, since the grant pays for tuition fees, examination fees, and other documentation, she wants to take the opportunity that gives A2Empowerment to study thoroughly and become a lady in her community. She would by her success, transmit her gratitude to both Anne and A2Empowerment.


Tekochingar Rebecca, a recipient in 3rd class A4 at Tokombéré High School (for 2013-2014), writes,

I would like to say thank you to A2Empowerment, thanks to the American[s] who funds our school. They have to wipe my tears, I'm an orphan, I had no chance to continue to come to school. But today I am proud to continue. I will make efforts to succeed this year in my BEPC, which will open doors for me, for working life.


The Vice-principal of Grandma High School, Mr Nsangou Yacouba, is about to mentor 08 young beneficiaries of the scholarship A2Empowerment 2013-2014. There has been much question of reconciling school life and community and family activities.


Promotion of A2Empowerment at 2014 (Grandma High School) after a meeting with Mr Alim.


Girls at Grandma High School, previous A2Empowerment program beneficiaries in 2013. They want to say for A2Empowerment to continue to think of the girls. They continue to believe in the values of A2Empowerment program.

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