2018 Scholarship Recipients

East Region

PCV: Alexander Schwartz

2018 - Alex Schwartz

Photos courtesy of Alex Schwartz.

Alex Schwartz writes,

The first photo was of my first meeting. Three young mothers came to the club on a warm day (so we went outside!) and we began the club with great enthusiasm. Alongside of the two scholarship recipients, we gained two new club members who joined us!


2018 - Alex Schwartz

Photo courtesy of Alex Schwartz.

Alex Schwartz continues,

This second set of photos is of club meeting 2. During the club, my female counterpart and I discussed what they felt it meant to be a woman. In addition, we discussed studying techniques to help these girls achieve in the classroom. The one girl earned a 20/20 on my first exam with her! The pictures of the two scholarship recipients receiving school supplies can be seen as well, Jessi and Brice. Both girls were very happy and are ready for next month! We will be starting training on entrepreneurship with an NGO who helps young women startup businesses.



2018 - Alex Schwartz

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