Starting a School in Kenya

A powerful story about one girl whose education inspired her to change the lives of many. Kakenya Ntaiya grew up in a Massi village in Kenya. Her society raised girls to be mothers opposed to leaders. As soon as a girl reaches puberty, usually around the age of 12, they are to be married. At the age of 13, Ntaiya struck a deal with her father; she agreed to undergo female circumcision in exchange to continue her schooling. After high school, she received a scholarship to attend university in the U.S, but did not have the money to make the trip. She asked for support from her village to send her to America, but found it difficult. The villagers would rather spend their money on a boy. Eventually Ntaiya was able to raise the funds. During her education in the U.S she learned that all women have the right to be educated, the right to own property, and the right to say no to genital mutilation. Angry at the abuses that women face in her village, Ntaiya began her own school for girls in the village that she grew up in. Fortunately, Ntaiya was able to complete high school, however, many girls are not. Donating to A2Empowerment will ensure that an at risk girl will have the opportunity to finish high school. You can donate today at . Remember to subscribe to the blog for more updates and stories like these!